Arken Anasayfa

Synchronous Generators

“Parallel Operation”, meaning generators feeding the same load together is to enable more than one generator to share the load electrically in order to meet the need in higher kWs.

Number of diesel engine productions are determined by usage areas. Since the widest range of use is heavy-duty machinery, automobiles, trucks and truck engines up to 550 kW, these engines are mass produced on production lines. Therefore, considering the high number of production, the use of mass production methods, and the costs per kW, engines up to 550 kW remain at reasonable levels compared to engines with larger powers.

Preferring a parallel working system consisting of small power generators instead of a single high power generator provides certain advantages.

These are respectively;

  • Low operating costs 
  • Low initial installation costs
  • Low initial installation cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Longer system life
  • Increased system security (Reliability)
  • Ease of service, spare parts and maintenance
  • Early delivery date

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