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Frequently Asked Questions

Machines that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, consisting of an alternator and an engine, are called generators.

Generators are widely used in all large and small businesses. It is usually used in markets, large shopping malls, production areas and workshops.

Generator selection requires professional testing and calculations. Arken team will assist you in this regard.

The main components are as follows:

  • Engine
  • Alternator
  • Radiator
  • Chassis
  • Daily fuel tank
  • Battery
  • Control Panel
  • Transfer Panel

All generator sets generate noise originating from exhaust, engine body, fans. It is necessary to take measures according to the place of installation. Arken sound insulation cabinets provide maximum sound control.

When the mains (City) electricity is cut off or the mains Voltage goes out of the determined values, if your generator has automatic operation equipment, the equipment (Control Card) detects that the mains electricity is cut off or goes outside the limit, automatically starts the generator and supplies electricity to the building. This takes place in max. 8-10 seconds.


In case the mains electricity is back or returns to its normal limits, after a short monitoring period (after making sure that the mains Voltage is healthy), the control card automatically takes the load from the generator and transfers it to the mains. After that, it runs idle for 3 minutes and cools itself down.

Arken Assist, a subsidiary of Arken Jeneratör, will provide you with the necessary assistance in this regard.

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