Arken Anasayfa


Our company was established in 2012 with 100% Turkish Capital to operate in the fields of production, sales and after-sales technical services of generator groups.

  • To ensure that the quality standards of all our products bearing our brand are carried out in line with the requirements of the quality management system, from the procurement stage to delivery the final consumer.
  • To create a long-term and permanent relationship with all our customers who meet our brand and become users of our brand, with the quality service we provide in sales and after-sales.
  • To achieve maximum customer satisfaction by making our internal and external customers proud of the strength and quality of our brand.
  • To continuously increase the awareness and quality of our brand by supporting innovative and creative ideas.
  • To manage and continuously improve all our processes with the awareness of learning organization and the participation of our employees.
  • To consider receiving and providing training as our primary responsibility for social development.
  • To ensure that our high-standard targets are achieved in the most appropriate time, cost and quality, by using the latest technologies in all our processes and practices and by constantly improving our employees.
  • To aim for ensuring social benefits by acting in accordance with the requirements of Social Responsibility principle when realizing the outcomes of all of our stakeholders at the highest level in our investments and activities.
  • To apply effective and efficient methods to receive customer suggestions and complaints, to encourage personnel to resolve complaints, to use suggestions and complaints within the scope of continuous improvement in accordance with its purpose, to create written methods for handling and resolving the complaint and informing the customer, and to ensure that all employees use these methods to ensure compliance, thereby continuously improving our customer satisfaction system
  •  To provide all the information and resources to achieve the objectives.
  • We comply with all legal and other conditions and regulations regarding the Environment and OHS, and we fulfill our compliance obligations in all our activities.
  • We protect natural resources and use them efficiently, We reduce or reover wastes at the source as much as possible.
  • We protect our environment, plan and support activities to prevent pollution, eliminate hazards and reduce OHS risks.
  • We take care that all the materials we use in our working areas are environmentally friendly.
  • We provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injury and diseases.
  • We constantly raise awareness of our employees and related parties about the environment and OHS and ensure that they take responsibility.
  • We provide consultation and participation of employees and, where applicable, employee representatives.
  • We are committed to the continuous improvement of the integrated management system.

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