Arken Anasayfa

Remote Monitoring

Thanks to remote monitoring and control systems, all operating parameters and alarm information of generator sets can be accessed without distance limitation. Control devices communicate with Modbus protocol over RS485 and ethernet ports to communicate with the outside world. SCADA or embedded SCADA systems are used for monitoring.

SCADA software is configured according to customer requests while running on a desktop computer. The connection between the generator controller can be used directly via ethernet line or RS485 communication line up to 1250 meters distance. With SCADA software, the user can be informed via SMS or e-mail in case of malfunction.

While the SCADA system needs a computer to operate, the embedded SCADA system works in a device with a microprocessor, allowing more than one person to connect to the system at the same time, without the need for a license thanks to the fixed IP. In the event of an alarm, the system provides notification of the situation by sending SMS to predetermined phone numbers or sending e-mail to the relevant e-mail addresses.

More than one generator can be monitored via a computer via a GPS module and a server, and the generator can be disabled in case of emergency.

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