Arken Anasayfa

Special Canopy

In order to provide sound insulation (ISO 8528-10:1998) and to protect your generator from the corrosive effects of external weather conditions, canopies or containers are used according to the size of your generator or the degree of sound intensity.

Although the priority is only aimed at sound level when designing the canopies, the generator should be designed to give the declared power at sea level and at 30% relative humidity value at 25 degrees Celsius ambient condition as determined by ISO 3046 and ISO 8528 standards. In more tropical climates, either the radiator should be selected at a higher temperature or the operating temperatures should be increased with remote radiator application.

Canopies and containers are made of sheet material and are painted with electrostatic based primed paint as standard. When necessary, superior protection is provided by using wet paint systems determined by the ISO 12944 standard according to the corrosive conditions of the environment.

  • Compact structure, low height 
  • Low sound level 
  • Easy access to engine-alternator and control panel
  • Exhaust muffler hidden inside the canopy for safety and corrosion protection
  • Two-point lift
  • Suitable for disassembly

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