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Quanchai boat engines are the most reliable designed engines and have been used for many years. Due to its reliable structure, it is one of the boat engines used worldwide. It is a product that is in high demand due to its efficient fuel economy. In addition, the use of spare parts or accessories for the engine is provided very quickly. Safe delivery is possible from many branches. Another feature of Quanchai engines is known for their long-lasting working principle. Therefore, it has a very reliable structure. It is known as one of the products preferred by many businessmen within the scope of boat engines. It can even be redesigned to the engine chambers of boats upon request and is known to provide compatibility.

Quanchai Engine

Quanchai are defined by their use in the longest period of time as engines that perform exceptionally in boat maintenance or engine use. The structure of these engines, which are indispensable for a boat, is equipped with high quality equipment. All of the parts used are compatible with technology and every period. Another feature is that it has the principle of internal insertion. It also has a natural absorption feature. It has heat conversion feature. It has cooling performance in fresh waters. It weighs 180kg on average and has a standard size of 4 meters. The engine power is designed as 27 Hp. This engine, which has a very high performance working principle, continues to work with 3 cylinders. The cylinder volume is known as 1357 cm cube.

Quanchai Boat Engines

Its outer structure, consisting of Quanchai cast aluminum condensed bronze covers, is designed in a very interesting way. When you see the engine, it is possible to understand that it is of high quality even from its outer surface. These engines, which are controlled in test vehicles, are considered as working tools of many boats. It is known for its significant performance compared to many boat engine brands. Under normal conditions, boat engines are considered the most important part of the working power. In addition, the engine quality of the boat is very important in terms of saving fuel. Quanchai engines, which provide great features together, have all the features sought in this regard. For this reason, it is known as the most popular boat engine. Standard alarms include temperature, charge and oil pressure features.


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